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Discover your financial blind spots.

When thinking about the future there is always some level of uncertainty and risk. This is especially true when dealing with cross-border considerations.

Virtually every new client comes to us with some elements of risk that they are not aware of. It is our job to identify and address these elements.

*Approximate time for quiz 3-5 minutes.

Cross-Border Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Your US & Israel Specialists

US-citizens living abroad require special care and expertise in coordinating their financial, tax, and investment planning. 

 It's time your investment plan makes "Aliyah" with you. 

Portfolio Management and Investment Advice


MaimonWealth is an independent wealth management firm advising individuals and families in Israel, the United States, and abroad. 


Our experienced cross-border advisory team has the ability, knowledge and resources to devise and implement a cohesive estate and investment plan that is properly structured to address your interests in both the US and Israel. 

We are licensed in both the US and Israel and act as a quarterback on your behalf- coordinating experts to create an integrated transition and helping you avoid costly cross-border financial pitfalls.  

Our services are customized to fit your needs and include:

  • Navigating the investment, tax, and financial planning challenges of relocating between the United States and Israel

  • Establish accounts with financial institutions that work with relocating families. 

  • Transparent index fund-based global investment strategies

  • Planning US inheritance tax and estate tax exposure

  • Establishment and evaluation of local pension accounts and insurance products. 

  • Comprehensive asset and currency allocations across US Dollar and Shekel accounts

  • A wide range of advisory services ranging from social security optimization, retirement planning, and investment solution for expats. 

As a US citizen where do you hold your shekel investments?

When considering Israeli mutual funds and tax advantaged investment plans, a US citizen should ensure that burdensome US tax treatment of PFICs (Passive Foreign Investment Companies) does not offset local Israeli tax benefits, and result in a greater tax burden. Often, a portfolio of direct Israeli investments is likely the best option for US citizens to invest in the Israeli markets. This solution is even more compelling if it can be implemented systematically, as part of an overall global investment plan by a manager who is very familiar with the cross-jurisdictional issues facing a US citizen living in Israel.

Are your US expatriate investment needs addressed by your advisor or financial institution? 

Coordinating financial, tax and investment planning across jurisdictions requires special care and expertise. Scheduling a 20 minute complimentary consultation with an experienced advisor can put you on the right track and help you avoid costly pitfalls, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Investment advisory

Investment advice is not “one size fits all.”

Your background, assets, responsibilities, and objectives are unique as are our advice, planning, and strategies. Investment advises and portfolio management services are provided by Maimon Wealth Management Ltd, a licensed Portfolio Management Company.

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Financial Planning

Our collaborative approach begins with active listening.

We utilize third-party financial planning software to produce a comprehensive financial plan, which provides us with the foundation for our recommendations.

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Retirement planning

Our collaborative approach begins with active listening.

We utilize third-party financial planning software to produce a comprehensive financial plan, which provides us with the foundation for our recommendations.

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Estate Planning

As part of our service, we offer an extensive referral network of qualified estate planning attorneys, from which we recommend those we believe will be the most appropriate for your situation.

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Insurance Services

Included in our service, is an extensive referral network of qualified insurance advisors. We collaborate with the advisors to integrate the insurance solutions with your overall plan.

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Trustee Services

For trust management and administrative needs, we can introduce you to relevant corporate or administrative trustees.

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