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Wealth Management

Our global investment strategy uses cost and tax-efficient exchange-traded funds (ETFs) diversified across all major asset classes. Each client portfolio maintains risk levels and currency exposures appropriate to the client’s unique circumstances. Portfolios are periodically rebalanced to maintain proper diversification and to take advantage of cyclical swings in relative asset valuations. For more information on MaimonWealth’s approach to long-term investment success, read about the research behind our Philosophy.

Global Wealth Management

Wealth Management with a Worldview

MaimonWealth was launched with the objective of providing best practices in global investment management to families in Israel and abroad. Working closely with our clients, we tailor our investment strategies to their specific needs, with special attention to their ongoing financial, tax, and estate planning considerations.

We offer customized investment management and portfolio strategies together with planning, advisory, and referral services, to support our clients in achieving their financial goals.

Cross-Border Expertise

Wealth Management Israel & United States

For US families and other expats that resettle abroad, wealth management extends beyond the ordinary consideration of asset allocation and retirement planning. We specialize in helping US families address the interplay between their multiple tax and currency exposures.

We have a particular expertise in serving dual US/Israeli citizens and addressing their unique investment and financial planning needs. Typically, we help clients to devise asset and currency allocation plans across their US, Israel, and retirement accounts.

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