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Cross-Border Planning

MaimonWealth is an independent wealth management firm created to serve the cross-border investment and planning needs of high-net-worth families in Israel and the United States. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive and transparent solutions that will provide families with peace of mind by carefully addressing their financial objectives and cross-border considerations.

Coordinating one’s financial, tax and investment planning across jurisdictions requires special care and expertise. This especially true for Americans and Israelis moving between the United States and Israel. Relocating without the proper preparation can result in a disjointed plan, in higher taxation, and in enhanced risk.


MaimonWealth is a dually licensed* cross-border advisor with the knowledge, experience, and resources to design and implement a plan to meet your transitional and longer-term needs in both the United States & Israel.

Cross-Border Services Include:

  • Holistic advice on cross-border financial, tax and estate planning

  • Comprehensive asset and currency allocations across US, Israel and other accounts

  • Establishing accounts with financial institutions that work with relocating families

  • Implementation of investment strategies for both US and non-US family members

  • Planning for US inheritance tax exposure

  • Establishment and evaluation of local pension accounts and insurance products

  • Management of currency risk

  • Exit strategies to prevent residency questions or issues

  • Transparent index-funds based global investment strategies

Working with us
Initial Meeting

First, we listen.

Strategy Meeting

Then we share.


Then we deploy.

Progress, Reports and Meetings

Continually, we monitor and communicate.

We finalize the details and begin to implement your customized plan.

We will gain an understanding of your background,            circumstances, and objectives to better understand and serve your needs.

We present and review your tailored Investment Policy and Service Statement.  We spend time to walk you through what we are doing and why.
After 90 days, and then periodically, we will confer with you on the progress of your plan and make all necessary adjustments.
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