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Building an investment portfolio and financial plan for your success

US citizens living abroad require special care and expertise in coordinating their financial, tax, and investment planning. 

Our experienced team can devise and implement a plan that addresses your unique interests in both the US and Israel. 

It's time your investment plan makes Aliyah with you!


The U.S. tax system creates unique tax and compliance complexities for all Americans abroad. Maximizing wealth and avoiding costly mistakes requires careful consideration of the interaction between Israel and the U.S. tax systems. An investment strategy is also impacted by currency, diversification, and other portfolio considerations unique to the circumstances of expat and cross-border families.


We can help you establish and implement your investment and retirement goals.


Questions that can be answered include:

  • What should I be doing during my 10-year Aliyah tax holiday?

  • Do my investments accurately reflect my risk tolerance?

  • How much will I need at retirement to maintain my lifestyle?

  • Are non-U.S. insurance policies appropriate for U.S. taxpayers?

  • How can I better coordinate my investments and trusts with the dual tax regimes

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Schedule an appointment with an Investment Advisor


+1 (212) 444-1578 

Raanana, Israel

MaimonWealth Management

MaimonWealth is an independent wealth management firm advising individuals and families in Israel, the United States, and abroad. 

Based on over 25 years of experience advising clients, we have developed clear methodologies on how to best structure and deliver customized wealth management services.


We provide an integrated service that encompasses:

  • Portfolio Management 

  • Investment Advice

  • Cross-border Financial Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Coordinated Estate and Tax Planning

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Experts covered a range of interesting topics including:

  1. U.S. and Israeli tax and legal considerations when living or doing business in Israel

  2. Tax planning and compliance for US trusts with Israeli beneficiaries

  3. Investment planning for American and Israeli families

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