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Cross-Border Planning and Wealth Management

Internationally Focused

Israel | United States

MaimonWealth is an independent wealth management firm advising individuals and families in Israel, the United States and abroad. Our team specializes in customized cross-border financial advice and wealth management. We carefully analyze your circumstances and objectives to develop comprehensive strategies to address your unique set of needs.


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Who We Help?

Our Clients

We work with investors who are globally minded and are seeking wealth management strategies to elevate sustainable wealth and promote order in their affairs. Our clients may be planning for retirement, contemplating their legacy, or attempting to avoid costly cross-border pitfalls.

Our goal is to provide families with peace of mind and solutions that address their cross-border considerations.

Our clients realize that working exclusively with locally focused firms can result in a more limited perspective and set of investment options.

Expat cross border wealth management

Especially after resettling in a new country, it’s important to ensure that global equity strategies are complemented with adequate local-currency fixed income investments to meet anticipated liquidity needs.

Once you have considered your equity, fixed income and currency strategies, as a US Expat, your circumstances will likely remain complicated by virtue of your ongoing US tax reporting obligation.

Relocating to or from the States can add a further level of complexity that can be costly if not appropriately  addressed ahead of your move.

What Do We Do?

Global Wealth Management

Wealth Management with a Worldview

MaimonWealth was launched with the objective of providing best practices in global investment management to families in Israel and abroad. Working closely with our clients, we tailor our investment strategies to their specific needs, with special attention to their ongoing financial, tax, and estate planning considerations.

We offer customized investment management and portfolio strategies together with planning, advisory, and referral services, to support our clients in achieving their financial goals.

Cross-Border Expertise

Wealth Management Israel & United States

For US families and other expats that resettle abroad, wealth management extends beyond the ordinary consideration of asset allocation and retirement planning. We specialize in helping US families address the interplay between their multiple tax and currency exposures.

We have a particular expertise in serving dual US/Israeli citizens and addressing their unique investment and financial planning needs. Typically, we help clients to devise asset and currency allocation plans across their US, Israel, and retirement accounts.

Our Strategy

We believe that achieving long-term financial balance requires a holistic approach that includes structuring financial resources to best maintain and grow wealth to meet life’s objectives.

We are dedicated proponents of evidence-based, long-term investing.

Mai is an encrypted and intuitive client service platform, providing a secure and convenient point of contact with your MaimonWealth team.


Mai provides convenient user- friendly chat, audio calls and video conferencing. You can upload files, sign documents, and send voice notes within our secure platform.

The benefits of working with a financial advisor who offers competence, convenience, coaching, and continuity have been well documented. When successful, these elements translate into a sense of security and peace of mind.

Relocating between the United States and Israel can make investment and financial matters more difficult to coordinate. This greatly enhances the value of a cross-border advisor who can provide comprehensive solutions.


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